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And you thought K-Mart was messy...

Zeke's is a curio shop in Legend of the Crystal Skull. It is owned by Lamont Warrick. Henry Bolet pawned several items to the shop in the same game.


In Legend of the Crystal Skull, Bess went snooping through the back room looking for clues about what had been sold by Henry Bolet to Lamont. She later broke in at night and stole a Skeleton Man costume to use when she infiltrated the Jolly Rodger Krewe.


  • "The guy I bought the place from made me promise I wouldn't change the name. Funny thing was, his name wasn't Zeke either..." Lamont talks to Bess about the mysterious store name.


  • The orgin of the shop's name was never given. It is possible that the previous owner had aquired it from yet another owner, who may have been named Zeke. It might also be possible that Her Interactive has absolutely no idea where the shop's name came from either.
  • Zeke's holds an array of strange items including a rather realistic corpse and some magic toast.
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