Wickford Castle is the inn that Nancy Drew was staying at in the game Treasure in the Royal Tower. It was apparently built by, Ezra Wickford, the man who invented chocolate milk in 1920. He built it with dead ends for fear of being robbed. The library and tower that Marie Antoinette visited was imported to the castle. And the tower is accessed through the elavator shaft. In 1945, Ezra locked himself up inside the castle for many years. Ezra later passed it on to his great niece, Christi Lane, when he died, and she turned in to a inn and ski lodge in 1990.

The castle has many beautiful stain glass windows and paintings of Marie Antoinette to celebrate the historical significance of the library and hidden tower.


  • Wickford is also the name of the makers of the Koko Kringle Bar as well as several other chocolate and candies.
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