Painting of Vitus barking at a hawk in a tree found in Mickey Malone's speakeasy

Vitus was one of gangster Mickey Malone's dogs. He never makes an in-game appearance, although one of the four "ghost dogs" in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake was supposed to represent his ghost.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Vitus was born on February 8, 1924. His owner, Mickey Malone, took care of Vitus until he was arrested on January 29, 1932. Following Malone's instructions, his friend Willy had Vitus's gravestone inscribed saying that he died on the date that Malone was arrested. However, according to Willy's journal, Vitus lived on, being cared for by Willy after Malone was arrested. The circumstances of his death are unknown.


When he was alive, Vitus enjoyed barking at hawks.

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