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Tino Balducci is a sleezy police officer from Chicago. He made it to the big leagues by accidently backing up into the vehicle of two wanted men while in a drive thru. Tino seems to forget how it was by chance and not by skill, as he has a habit of boasting about it. He was also romantically involved with Lori Girard in Game #13 Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon.

Tino as he appeared in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

Fictional Biography[]

- #13 Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon:[]

As aformentioned, Tino made it into the big leagues by pure luck. He was chosen by Lori Girard (presumably because of their former relationship) to ride on Jake Hurley's train and to learn about his disappearance. During the ride, he pulled the emergency brake, hoping to put the blame on John Grey. However, he was found out by Nancy and confessed. After that point, he did little else.

- #16 White Wolf of Icicle Creek:[]

Tino was hired as Nancy's consultant while she was investigating Icicle Creek in Canada. Tino did little besides offer some comic relief and frustrate players with his survey (which failed to work). He said that what happened in Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon was 'all water under the bridge'.


Tino is brash and often on edge, constantly in fear that he is being undermined. He is also not very intelligent. Tino is full of himself, cocky, overly-confident, sleezy, and troublemaking.


Tino dresses in a leather coat and blue shirt that goes too low. He also has a pompadore/comb-over/very greasy-looking hair style. He looks to be in his 20's or 30's.



- His last name is pronounced Bal-dooch-ee.