The Whisperer is one of the famous Crystal Skulls, owned by the deceased Bruno Bolet. This skull is a special part of the 17th Nancy Drew game Legend of the Crystal Skull. It is believed to have special powers that can make you immortal if you own it. Prof. Beatrice Hotchkiss wrote a book about the mysterious Crystal Skulls called: "Crystal Skull: Fact or Fable?".


The Whisperer may have been created and owned by the emperors of the Aztec Empire before the arrival of the Spanish.

How it came to Bruno Bolet's possession is unclear. Bruno had the crystal skull tested for accuracy, but he received a letter saying that the skull was a fake. Bruno went into shock and died of a heart attack. Before his death, he hid the crystal skull in a crypt in his garden. Bruno wanted his nephew Henry Bolet to have the skull.

Other people wanted The Whisperer for many reasons. For Renee Amande, she believes that she's its rightful owner. Lamont, who owns the store Zeke's, believes the skull could be bring a big profit for him.

Unfortunately, Bernie the alligator swallowed the Whisperer after scaring Renee. Nancy Drew isn't sure how the outcome would be for Bernie, but the existence of the crystal skull is now lost in history.

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