Summer is Henry Bolet's girlfriend in Legend of the Crystal Skull.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Summer was apparently dating Henry Bolet just to get items such as: New CDs, a radio, and a new sound system. Henry was unsure of how she felt about him and was quite annoyed at how much stuff she asked for, but is terrified that she will leave him. He unhappily says that she is the only girlfriend he's ever had, and probably ever will have.


Summer is apparently very greedy and manipulative. "Trashy" as Renee calls her.


Summer has no spoken or visual appearances in any game to date, though Nancy overhears Henry talking to Summer on the phone.


  • "If he (Henry) ever got his hands on this, he would just turn around and give it (the Whisperer) to that trashy girlfriend of his!" - Renee expresses her dislike for Summer.
  • "I think she loves me back but she's so unpredictable it drives me nuts." - Henry on Summer


There are no notes on Summer.

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