Sonny Joon on the cover of Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion

Sonny Joon is a character in the Nancy Drew adventure game series, first appearing in Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand. He is known for his doodles and has a fondness for Koko Kringle chocolate bars.

Though he does not appear in-game until The Shattered Medallion, Sonny leaves his drawings and insight behind at his previous workplaces, which Nancy often finds. Sonny Joon's appearance is seen for the first time in Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion.


Sonny has a tendency to goof off during work, often doodling in notebooks rather than getting anything done for his employer. His drawings have appeared in several Nancy Drew games, but his appearance was not known until his first appearance in The Shattered Medallion. In Secret of the Scarlet Hand, Joon was the deputy curator preceding Nancy at the Beech Hill Museum in Washington, D.C., but he showed more interest in alien conspiracy theories than the museum's exhibits on Mayan civilization. Later, in Danger by Design, he had worked as an assistant to fashion designer Minette in France prior to the events of the game. His drawings mock Minette and the other characters, emphasizing his irreverent personality.

In-game References Edit

In Secret of the Scarlet Hand, Nancy discovers a notebook full of doodles by Hurricane Sonny in her new desk at Beech Hill Museum.

In Danger by Design, Nancy discovers yet another desk filled with doodles from Sonny, where he worked again as an assistant for Minette.

If one looks through the guest registry on Miwako's computer in Shadow at the Waters Edge, Joon can be seen on page 2.

Sonny is also included in The Captive Curse as a previous employee at Castle Finster. Nancy gets the chance to view his résumé, listing all of his previous jobs in this game.

In Tomb of the Lost Queen, it is revealed by Jamila El-Dine that Sonny is giving seminars and writing books about aliens.

In The Deadly Device, Nancy Drew gets knocked out and is trapped in the photolithography room, in the laboratory. When she escaped through the ventilation system there are these stickers the wall of different shapes, colors, numbers, and especially letters. When those letters are spelled out numerical order, from the numbers provided, they spell out 'Sonny Joon was here'.

In The Shattered Medallion, Sonny Joon is the host for the reality show in which Nancy and George compete.

In Sea of Darkness, in the Mitsi Skip Pub, Nancy finds another comic book of doodles, with her as an alien character. Also, when snooping through Soren's tablet, she sees that Sonny Joon had been in Skipbrot recently.

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