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Secrets Can Kill (remastered) is the remake of the first Nancy Drew PC game of the same title. It was released August 24, 2010.



Nancy Drew is hired by a detective named Beech to investigate the murder of a young student named Jake Rodgers at Paso Del Mar High School. Nancy went through out the school and eventually found Jake's journal, which turned out to not be his.

(spoiler begins here. Highlight to display) After finding a tape by Jake revealing that the journal really belonged to Beech and watching it at Aunt Eloise's house, Nancy was confronted by Beech, who revealed that he and Mitch had been faking undercover investigation the whole time. Nancy convinced him that the journal was in Aunt Eloise's house. She also tricked him into pressing several false codes into Aunt Eloise's safe, causing a cage to drop over him.(spoiler ends here.)


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Notes This was the first Nancy Drew game to be remastered. It is unclear whether or not Herinteractive plans on giving the same treatment to any of the other earlier games.

  • This is the only Nancy Drew game to not be numbered.
  • The people don't look like cartoons and there's no drug dealing! Hurray!

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