Secrets Can Kill
Secrets Can Kill
Her Interactive
DreamCatcher Games
December 23, 1998
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Secrets Can Kill is the first game in the Nancy Drew game series. It was later redone, becoming Secrets Can Kill (Remastered).

Prologue Edit

Dear Dad,

Who would have dreamed taking a semester off to visit Aunt Eloise in Florida would result in another case? Seems a student was murdered at the high school last night, and Daryl Gray, the Student Council President, found the body.

When Aunt Eloise heard, she rushed me right over and introduced me to the principal. He asked if I would find out who did it and why. So it's undercover I go! My only contact is Daryl, so I'm off to solve a murder. I'm calling this case "Secrets Can Kill."

Love, Nancy

Game Edit

When Jake Rogers, a student at Paseo Del Mar High School, is brutally murdered by being pushed face first down a flight of stairs, the entire student body descends into a stunned period of unease. On the scene arrives Nancy Drew, the niece of one of Paseo Del Mar's teachers, who resolves to tackle the case herself.

Epilogue Edit

Dear Dad,

Case closed, and Mitch is on his way to prison. Daryl's recovering just fine, and Connie's giving him private judo lessons. Hulk agreed to pay for the damage to the pharmacy, and Hal got his scholarship.

Today, Aunt Eloise got a letter from a friend, something about a television station and death threats. Sounds like another case for Nancy Drew. Don't worry, I'll be careful.

Love, Nancy

Characters Edit

Nancy Drew Edit

Nancy Drew is the main character of the game series. She is an amateur sleuth who stumbles upon the mystery while visiting her aunt in Florida.

Daryl Gray Edit

Daryl Gray is the Student Council President of Paseo Del Mar High School. Rich and suave, he may be less perfect than he seems.

Connie Watson Edit

Connie Watson is a tough tomboy whose passion is judo. Despite her average appearance, she harbors a dark secret that could prove disastrous.

Hal Tanaka Edit

Hal Tanaka is a Japanese exchange student who wants nothing more than to earn a scholarship and become a doctor. How far he will go to achieve this goal may just be more extreme than first realized.

Hector Sanchez Edit

Hector Sanchez is the school's top athlete, but after a recent injury, chances of playing college ball begin to pale. With football being the forefront of his life, Hector may be willing to go to extreme measures in order to ensure his chance of playing for the Miami Dolphins.

Bess Marvin Edit

Bess Marvin is one of Nancy's best friends.

George Fayne Edit

George is also one of Nancy's best friends.

Ned Nickerson Edit

Ned is Nancy's boyfriend.

Carson Drew Edit

Carson Drew is Nancy's father.

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