Rick Arlen

Rick as he appeared in Stay Tuned for Danger

Rick Arlen is a actor from the game Stay Tuned for Danger.

He was voiced by Ryan Drummond.

Fictional BiographyEdit

When Rick began getting death threats, his co-star Mattie Jenson, asked for Nancy Drew to investigate. Rick proceeded to blow off the death threats, even after a stage light nearly fell on him. Despite being the man whom the mystery primarily revolved around, he wasn't seen after Nancy defused a bomb in his dressing room.

He was apparently involved in a romantic relationship with Mattie, Lillian Wise and Millie Strathorn.


Rick is a white, blond male. He is approx. twenty-six.


Rick is flirtatious and naive, refusing to believe that he is in danger. He also appears to be very self-absorbed, constantly changing the subject back to himself when answering Nancy's questions.


  • "You see, Rick foolishly believes that acting is a status symbol and not and art form. He is a ladder - climber and will use anyone to crawl his way to the top - a ladder he is sure to fall from one of these days" - Dwayne Powers on Rick.
  • "No one is taking this seriously, especially Rick. He thinks nothing will ever hurt him." Mattie on Rick's death threats.
  • "Yes, I have. They're named Agent Harris, Officer Jocewitz, and Detective Bonnet. It appears I've been quite a celebrity with the local authorities. Hey, I heard 'Detective Beach' is looking for a new star- do you think I should do some research with my new freinds to land the part?"

-Rick's response when asked if he's seen anyone suspicious


  • Rick is a chocoholic.
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