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Renée as she appeared in Crystal Skull

Renée Amande is a suspect in the game Legend of the Crystal Skull. She was Bruno Bolet's housekeeper until he died. She is a devout believer in Hoodoo.

Her voice actress was Walayn Sharples.

Fictional Biography[]

It is unclear of when Renée first started working for Bruno Bolet, but it is apparent that it was quite some time.

During her time living with him, she heard his dummy talking on the other side of her wall and believed it to be a spirit. She wrote the words it was speaking on the wall to prevent it from cursing her.

Upon learning of The Whisperer, Renée decided that she was destined to have it and even went to great lengths to try and get it, even faking a letter to Bruno Bolet from Milo Authenticators and saying in the letter that the skull was a fake (when it was in fact real) in an attempt to trick Bruno into forgetting about it so she could have it. When Bruno read the fake letter in the hall of his manor, however, he was so shocked to find out the skull was fake that he had a heart attack on the spot and died. But even with him dead, Renee still couldn't find the Whisperer because Bruno had already hid it for his nephew Henry Bolet Jr. to find. She gave up hope afterwards, but Nancy's attempts to find it inspired her hunger again.


Renée is homely and for the most part friendly to people she likes, though she does have a dark side. She dislikes Henry and Bruno Bolet's old friend Dr. Gilbert Buford and is always very suspicious of them both. When it comes to her religion, she is very mysterious.


Renée is an older woman with short white hair. She wears a garden hat and a strange leather pouch around her neck. When asked, she claimed that the bag contained 'secret things' that keep her connected to what 'powers the universe'.


"Something that'll make you feel better. Drink it. Just a couple of sips." - To Nancy trying to get her to drink her concotion


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