Prudence Rutherford is a character who has appeared in three games: Secret of the Scarlet HandDanger By Design and The Phantom of Venice and has been mentioned in the game Trail of the Twister. Her and Nancy originally interacted over the phone in Secret of the Scarlet Hands when Nancy calls her to inquire about her "fire ruby necklace". She sent Nancy a copy of her fire ruby necklace so Nancy can complete a lock from a tomb in the Beech Hill museum. Prudence and Nancy only interact through the phone in all the games.

She was married but said that Herbert died by drowning. She is from Kansas, USA and on the board of directors for the Beech Hill Museum in Washington D.C.. Even though Prudence is only a phone character in the game, but she has become one of Nancy's friends and recommends Nancy to the Italian police when precious valuables go missing in Venice.

Game Appearances Edit

  • Her name can also be seen in the list of the museum's board of directors next to Joanna's office. In Joanna's office, you can read a magazine that interviews her about her necklace and her husband, Herbert Laslow.
  • She appeared in Danger By Design making a brief cameo when she calls Minette's fashion studio about her summer, cruise and fall outfits, for which Nancy needs to finish the designs for Heather. Minette makes clothes for "plus-sized" women which means Prudence must be stout.
  • Her first memoir called "A Prudent Living" can be seen in Legend of the Crystal Skull when Nancy searches through Bolet's cabinet.
  • In The Phantom of Venice Prudence is a phone friend when she needs Nancy's help about a phantom who has been walking around roofs of houses in Venice, Italy. She is the former owner of a palazzo in Venice. She is also part of Venice's art group. Sometimes when you call her, she will say that she's busy writing her memoirs, which she will title "The Principles of Prudence". It is announced that Nancy Drew is mentioned in her book.
  • In the game Trail of the Twister, she was mentioned by P.G. Krolmeister. He said that Prudence is a close friend of his and her house was destroyed by a tornado.
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