Mickey Malone is a deceased character who is mentioned in the 7th game "Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake". In the 1920's, Malone was a gangster who built a cabin at Moon Lake. He would entertain guests in his speakeasy that was in the basement of his cabin. Malone adopted four Rottweilers.

The Rottweilers were named Vitus, Lucy, Iggy, and Xander.

Malone took part in a train robbery that involved stealing 600 pounds of government gold. Knowing that he would be arrested for the robbery, Malone hid the gold on his property and created a map for his assistant William Akers so that he can find the gold later. The only clue he gave to Akers was "The dogs will lead the way".

On a cold night in 1932, Malone was arrested at his cabin. According to legend, his four faithful Rottweilers ran off into the woods and were never seen alive again.

In reality, Akers took care of the four dogs after Malone was arrested. Malone had Akers erect four gravestones for his dogs and had their death date be on the night he was arrested. The exact death dates for the dogs is unknown.

Akers spent many days and nights trying to locate the gold, but he gave up. He left the map in his journal in Malone's safe in the cabin's basement.

In 2002, photographer Sally McDonald bought the cabin and was prepared to move in. The following few nights, however, she heard the "ghost dogs" howling in the distance and a week later, the dogs attacked the cabin.

Sally called Nancy Drew in need of her help. Sally, however, decided to leave the cabin as she was too afraid to spend another night and went to her aunt's in Philadelphia.

When Nancy arrived at the cabin, a dead tree fell behind her car and blocks her in. Sally calls her later that night to explain what has been going on, but the phone line goes dead just as she starts to talk about the ghost dogs.

A moment later, a birdwatcher named Red Knott shows up and explains about Malone's dogs and them attacking the cabin when someone moves in. Nancy goes back inside as she hears the ghost dogs howling and they begin their attack. Once the dogs leave, Nancy becomes suspicious and decides to investigate the truth behind the attacks.

Nancy uncovers the history of the cabin as well as Mickey Malone through his ex-girlfriend Vivian Whitmore. She then discovers about the gold that is buried somewhere on the property. Nancy suspects that whoever is leading the attacks on the cabin is trying to find the gold before Nancy does.

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