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Mel and her cello.

Mel Corbalis is the goth girl in Warnings at Waverly Academy. She is quite talented at cello, is surprisingly down-to-earth, and kind. Mel is voiced by Samara Lerman.

Fictional Biography[]

Mel is Waverly's resident "goth girl" who just wants to live her life without Izzy Romero ruining it with gossip and lies. Mel's roommate was Megan Vargas until Megan had to go home due to severe food allergies. She used to be good friends with Leela Yadav, but when Leela got into sports, Mel and Leela drifted apart. All of Mel's female relatives attended Waverly Academy since it was founded, so Mel was accepted into the school automatically because she is considered a "legacy".

Mel is a member of the Blackwood Society, a secret tradition started by one of the school's founders, Rita Hallowell. Although she doesn't know why it exists or who the other members are, she enjoys being part of something that someone thought was important more than a century ago.

When Nancy briefly attends Waverly, Mel wants nothing to do with the Black Cat, thinking it's just someone pulling a stupid prank. She doesn't want to give the Black Cat the satisfaction of seeing her concerned about the situation, especially as she is sure that Izzy is the one responsible. When the Black Cat makes it look like Mel plagiarized her art history paper, Nancy helps save Mel from possible expulsion by finding evidence that the paper wasn't plagiarized. Nancy, as the school snack shop boss, also helps Mel to preserve her reputation by getting the goth girl milk and a cookie so she wouldn't risk being seen with such a childish snack.

At the end of the game, the villain tries to escape through a secret passageway that exits through a hidden panel in Mel's room. Luckily, Mel refuses to let the villain out through her door until she gets an explanation, giving Nancy enough time to catch up and apprehend the villain, explaining to Mel what's really been going on at Waverly as she does so.


  • "The Black Cat is just someone playing an idiotic prank, end of story."
  • "You just entered my room through the WALL, I want an explanation."


  • Mel has a poster titled "Neo" in her room, which is the same poster as the one in The Final Scene and as a DVD in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.
  • Mel has a goth version of the doll "Naughty Tina" from Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon.
  • In Sea of Darkness, Mel Corbalis was listed as a performer in the Ancestors' Festival line-up, A Night of Icelandic Classics at the Missti Skip.
  • Mel's favorite subject is art.