Mattie Jenson

Mattie as she appears in Stay Tuned for Danger

Mattie Jensen is a soap opera actress in the game Stay Tuned for Danger. She co-stars on Light of our Love with Rick Arlen.

She was played by Moriah Angeline.

Fictional BiographyEdit

When Rick started getting death threats, Mattie asked Nancy Drew to come out to New York and investigate.


Mattie is a white female with light brown hair. She is approx. thirty and seems to wear the same red dress suit on every occasion that isn't acting, and even then...


Mattie is a softie and wants to help Rick, but yet still feels hurt by him leaving her.


"Oh Nancy, this is horrible! Another attempt to get Rick! All of these threats, and now fella's almost murdered on stage! I'm too upset to deal with this! I gotta get out of here! I need some space! We'll talk later." - Mattie the Softie


Unsurprisingly enough, the girl keeps a picture of Rick smiling excitedly.

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