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When writing a game's plot or a character's biography, it should be written as though it were real. So, instead of writing "You find that Bob's will left Tonia all his money", you should write "Nancy found out that Bob's will left Tonia with all his money"

Also, be sure not to give irrelvent details like finding a key in a candle or playing certain games. Stick with the major events. We didn't learn in history where Richard the Lionheart did his business, just where he fought his battles. Remember: Text book style, not story book, and not advertisement.


Avoid giving away key points in the plot, especially the culprit(s). Instead, while writing a plot description list the culprit as just "culprit" or "vandal" or whatever word you choose, and then make it a link to their page.

In a culpret's Fictional Biography, add this HTML code:

<font="#FFFFFF"> He was the culpret. </font>

Remove the "He was the culpret" part and replace it with how and why the culpret did what they did. The tag will make the words white. Add something to the effect of "(Spoiler starts here! Highlight to read.)" to the begining as well as "(Spoiler ends here)" to the end. Make sure these two sentences are outside of the font tags.


Sections should include (in order)


  • Fictional Biography
  • Personality
  • Appearance
  • Quotes
  • Notes
  • External Links (if any)


  • Cast
  • Plot
  • Quotes
  • Notes
  • External Links (if any)


  • Fictional Events
  • Notes
  • External Links (if any)

Also be sure to add the proper categories to the pages you create (Characters, Places, Games or Other).

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