Lori Girard is a character in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon.

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon.Edit

She hosted a party on an old train that was supposedly haunted by the previous owner's late wife, Camille Hurley. She informs the partygoers that Camille and the engineer died on the train, and Jake Hurley disappeared, never revealing the location of his gold mine. Lori invited Joe and Frank Hardy to come along because her father is friends with their father, and they invited Nancy. Apparently, she's a very rich heiress, and convinced her father to buy her Jake Hurley's old train. She often gets Nancy's name wrong, and is rude to her at first, but gives her a valuable note Hurley wrote to his niece. It contains obscure clues to find the location of the gold mine. 

Lori Gerard is known for using her acting lessons to stage dramatic scenarios to gain attention, such as her fake kidnapping and "daring escape" the next morning. She moonlights as an amateur romance novelist to follow in her idol and guest Charleena Purcell's footsteps. She also invited John Grey, the star of a paranormal television show, and Tino Balducci , a bigheaded police detective who became famous by catching two wanted criminals and who also had a romantic past with Lori.


Lori Gerard is pretty, blonde, and blue-eyed. Along with pink lipstick, She wears a white beret and a white longsleeved shirt underneath a pale pink sleeveless winter jacket with white fur around the neckline. She wears pale brown pants and wears her hair in a short bob.

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