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Lisa Ostrum is a suspect in the Nancy Drew game Treasure in the Royal Tower. She is a photojournalist and tends to bend the rules a lot...

Her voice actress was Tara V. Smith.

Fictional Biography[]

Lisa Ostrum is a 26 year old journalist who was one of the three guests at Wickford Castle before the blizzard set in. Nancy Drew discovered that she had more than one identity for snooping, among a few other tricks up her sleeve.


Lisa is sassy and often times prying. When she wants to know something, she will go to great lengths to find out, even if it means 'not playing by the rules'. Most of the time, Lisa is very friendly, and seems to enjoy chatting with Nancy. She's also very gossipy.


Lisa has light skin and bright red hair (possibly dyed). She wears a bright red shirt and black pants.


  • "Be careful about journalists, they can be almost as good as snooping as you!" - George Fayne on Lisa.
  • "Spicey red devil venom spray my foot!" - A quote Nancy made in another game while in the bathroom.


  • The significance of her lying about speaking Spanish was never made clear.