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Lillian Weiss

Lillian Weiss is a director in Stay Tuned for Danger.

She is voiced by Jeral Fontaine.

Fictional Biography[]

Lillian tried to kick Nancy out of the studio.


Lillian is a white female with dark brown/black hair. She is approx. thirty-five years of age. She has a dark blue sweater.


Lillian seems to think she's a princess and is set on making Nancy's life as miserable as possible; she is so frustrated with her that she's even determined to keep Nancy as far away from World Wide Broadcasting (WWB) as possible. She also had a love affair with Rick Arlen. It is revealled that she has a grudge towards Mattie because of Rick and the fact that she used him. She and Nancy both are caught by Dwayne in the finale, though Nancy saves them.


" *high pitched voice* Well, it looks like we have a wittle baby Sherlock Holmes on the set!"


  • She stole maracas from the prop room.