Crystal Skull boxart

Box from the Herinteractive website.

Kingdom Legend of the Crystal Skull is the seventeenth instalment of the Nancy Drew game series. It takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana just before Marti Gras. The game was released October 8, 2007 (North America).



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  • This was the first game to feature Koko Kringle Bars.
  • The game was mentioned at almost the same time as Iniana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Hm...
  • This was the second game to feature Professor Hotchkiss, who firs appeared in Treasure in the Royal Tower.
  • There is no clarification of who is on the front cover in the garden. Most box art shows a more nondescript character, but he is clearly an elderly white male with a broad jaw. This is possibly Bruno Bolet.
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