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Lamont as he appeared in Legend of the Crystal Skull

Lamont Warrick is the owner of Zeke's curio shop in the game Legend of the Crystal Skull. He was voiced by Jason Sharp.

Fictional Biography[]

Little is known about Lamont. He has at least an acquaintance with Henry Bolet, whom he bought a box of assorted objects from.


Lamont is constantly looking for an oppertunity to sell nicknacks. He seems to be willing to obtain nicknacks however possible, even if it means dealing under the table and luring alligators with marshmallows. He might (possibly) like Bess.


Lamont is an African-American with a strong Cajun accent. He has a rather large afro and a small amount of facial hair. He wears a orange shirt with a red vest over it.


There are no quotes


  • Lamont does not handle spicy foods very well.
  • He considers Bruno Bolet's house a "Nicknack Heaven".
  • He quite possibly has asthma as he was heavily affected by the sneezing powder.
  • Someone give this poor guy a hug!
  • Is very succeptable to sneezing attacks. Man does that guy sneeze!