Koko Kringle Bars are a chocolate candy bar in the Nancy Drew game series. They are part of the Wickford Castle candy collection of chocolate various cheese and candy. They are first seen in Secret of the Scarlet Hand. After solving Trail of the Twister, Nancy is rewarded by P.G. Krolmeister with a lifetime supply of Koko Kringle bars.

Koko Kringle bar in Secret of the Scarlet Hand.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • In The Captive Curse, Koko Kringles return one again in Anja's gift shop. They are exactly like Koko Kringle bars from other games, but in German!
  • In Alibi in Ashes, Nancy has a stock of Koko Kringle bars in her bedroom nightstand! Also, Hannah sends her some snacks and there is koko kringle bars in it!
  • In The Ghost of Thornton Hall, there is an edible Koko Kringle Bar in Jessalyn's backpack in the passage that leads to the cellar.
  • In Sea of Darkness, there are Koko Kringle bars sold by Soren in the activity center's gift shop.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

There are no quotes about Koko Kringle bars.

Wickford Candy Products[edit | edit source]

  • Koko kringles "milk chocolate crunches now 79.5% less fat!"
  • Koko Kringles Dark "Dark Chocolate crunchies"
  • Lickie Loo lollipops "thousands of flavors ten in each box!"
  • Koko choo-Choos milk chocolate covered chewy caramel "so chewy its like chewing cud!"
  • Cow-a-mel "creamy caramel and rich milk chocolate, together at last!"
  • "Wish I was chewing..." Cudsmakers "Chocolatey-chewy nougat treats!"
  • Moon Chunk "Out of this world cheesy snacks"
  • Udder Pops "Cream-filled lollipops"
  • Raging Infernos "Fiery Cinnamon Balls"
  • Auntie's Acorns "Chocolate Jawbreakers with a caramel center!"
  • "Bodacious Berry Bubblegum" Cowabubble
  • Koffee Kandy "sophisticated coffee treats"
  • Koko Mallos "milk chocolate covered marshmallows"
  • Koko Kringle Koko sauce!
  • Koko Kringles KOoKEE ice cream!
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