Buford skeleton suit1

Buford speaking at a Jolly Roger meeting

The Jolly Rodger Krewe is a fictional private club/brotherhood in the game Legend of the Crystal Skull.

Fictional BiographyEdit

The Jolly Rodger Krewe is a private club that put on parades for Marti Gras until its license was revoked in the 1990's. It than went underground and became more and more of a brotherhood/sect than a club.

All members are required to wear a suit that makes them appear to be Skeletons.

Known members include:


- "Jean Laffite." Is the name that the Jolly Rodger Krewe say at the beginning of every meeting.


  • Jean Laffite was a 19th century French-American who pirated the Gulf of Mexico. Lake Charles, Louisiana has a festival called Contraband Days devoted to Laffite.
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