Joe is the younger of the two Hardy boys who, along with his brother Frank, first appeared in a Nancy Drew game in Secret of the Scarlet Hand as a "call-able" friend. He and his brother had their first in-game appearance in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. They appeared again in Creature of Kapu Cave and Joe had a voice-appearance in Phantom of Venice. He was played by Rob Jones

Fictional BiographyEdit

Joe first appeared as one of Nancy's friends in Secret of the Scarlet Hand. He and his brother simply gave Nancy hints and clues. They did this together again in Curse of Blackmoore Manor. They made there first in-game appearance in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, where he and Frank had been hired by Lori Girard to search for clues on the train as to what happened to Jake Hurley. He and his brother appeared again in Creature of Kapu Cave, where he was working with Frank for American Teens Against Crime to investigate the Mapu family on the Hawaii islands. He was knocked out midway through the game and his brother took over for him. This was not only the first time players played as the Hardys, but it was the first time they played as anyone besides Nancy.

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Joe is optimistic, but headstrong and often rushes into situations without first assessing them.


Joe is approximately sixteen years of age and has blond hair. He prefers more messy hairstyles to his brother's neat comb-overs.


"Cheeseburger."   -Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

"You go together like peanut butter and jelly.  When you're apart it's like peanut butter and sadness.  Or jelly and uncomfortable silences."   -in his letter to Nancy from The Captive Curse


  • Joe likes cheeseburgers, not hamburgers.
  • Joe should never be allowed to "tinker" with things. Joe once tinkered with Ned's car when Nancy arranged for Ned to stay with the Hardys, thus forcing Ned to take the bus while Nancy was in Venice.
  • Frank and Joe are often paired with Nancy not only because of their similarities and their shared publishers, but they were actually written by the same persons. Some fans may argue this, but Franklin W. Dixon and Caroline Keen were actually the same man, working under a pen name.
  • Joe has a very amusing impersonation of Tino Balducci.
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