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JJ, busy baking her famous mint chocolate chip cookies!

Jing Jing Ling, (more commonly known as JJ, or JJ Ling) is a high-fashion model and Minette's primary fitting model. She lives at Place Monge, right across from the catacombs. She's Nancy's roommate and is a bit careless and just wants
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Place Monge's plaque,where JJ lives.

to bake cookies and play hangman. She appears in Danger by Design.

About this characterEdit

JJ is Minette's dream model who loves mint chocolate chip cookies! She loves to play hangman and is not too big on being a model, it seems. She seems to be rather popular all around the world, because when you call Frank & Joe Hardy, Joe will fantasize about Nancy staying with a model. And if you call from JJs, she will ask if Nancy is talking about her, and then Joe freaks out, saying, "Oh my gosh is that HER?!!!"


  • In a way, JJ is a lot like Jane Pennvellyn from Curse of Blackmoor Manor. Both love games, start with "J" and like to bake! (Jane bakes cakes for LouLou the parrot and JJ bakes mint chocolate chip cookies.)
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