Jeff Akers is the park ranger in Moon Lake, Pennsylvania. He wants to get transferred to a bigger park and enforces the rules very strongly, even ticketing Nancy after she narrowly escaped from a burning shed.

Fictional Biography Edit

Jeff Akers is the grandson of William "Willy" Akers, who was the notorious gangster Mickey Malone's most trusted employee. Jeff's not proud of his lineage and denies his relation to William at first, but Nancy discovers the connection when reading William's journal and realizing that Willy's son was Joe Akers, Jeff's father.

Perhaps inspired by his gradfather's part in Moon Lake's colorful history, Jeff collects every bit of history he can get his hands on from the early 1900's to the present and displays it at the ranger station.

Personality Edit

Jeff is a stickler for the rules and is not popular for it. Although acknowledging that he is a public servant, he does heavily imply to Nancy that he is a busy man and doesn't need her to make it any busier.

Notes Edit

  • Jeff owns a dog named Yogi.

Quotes Edit

  • "Sally McDonald? Yes, I've had occasion to write her up once or twice."
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