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Izzy, sitting at the Waverly Academy library!

Isabella "Izzy" Romero is a character in Warnings at Waverly Academy She is what would be called "The Popular One" She appears to be mean, vallicious, and the queen of gossip! Izzy is voiced by Khanh Doan.

About this CharacterEdit

Izzy is a trickster, the queen of supreme gossip, and she knows everything that's going on at Waverly. She not only used Nancy by making her do her DNA model for homework, but she stole Leela Yadav's boyfriend! Is she too high rank to be the mysterious "Black Cat" who has been leaving threatining notes for other validictorian cantidates? Or does she KNOW she dosen't have what it takes to be validictorian? Upon having a cruel personality, she is a bit childish in a way, for if Nancy brakes the glass closet in the library Izzy responds saying, "I'M TELLING!" She used to get along with Leela Yadav, She is friends with Paige Griffin, Megan Vargas possibly, but however, she does not get along at all with Rachel Hubbard, Mel Corbalis, or Corine Meyers, calling them "unlikeable".


  • When Nancy first exits her room at the start of the game, she bumps into Izzy in front of the door, where Izzy says,"You're hair's on fire!" implying that Nancy has red hair in the game
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