Iggy the IguanaEdit

Iggy the iguana was one of Bruno Bolets exotic pets that appeared in the Nancy Drew game Legend of the Crystal Skull when you feed him loquats.Edit

Fictional BiographyEdit

Iggy was owned by the dentist Dr.Bolet, and would constantly be taking paper, like prescriptions from Dr.Buford, and will hide it all in the vents (although Henry thought Iggy was building a nest with it). Which is why Renee has to hide her paper in her drawer. Bruno was well aware of this and decided to teach Iggy to give back the papers it had stolen. Sometimes Bruno would dress-up Iggy in costumes such as a pirate in that photo in the box of assorted items, and with each costume he will bring you something different. On the night of Dr.Bolets death Iggy had stolen the letter he was reading when he drop down in the foyer. He had stayed at the estate with Henry and Renee throughout the game. Edit


To some up Iggy, the iguana has a thieving personality for paper, but it really is more than likely Iggy actually was building a nest.Edit


  • Iggy also appeared in the Dossier Resorting to Danger as one of the pets that need treatment under the ownership of Henry Bolet Jr., A.K.A Henry, which means Iggy was part of Henrys 30% of his uncles estate
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