Helena Berg is a German character that appeared in Nancy Drew #18 The Phantom of Venice. She is a journalist specialized in reporting high-profile crime. She is voiced by Adrienne Maclain

Fictional Biography Edit

Helena was born in Hamburg, Germany and became a journalist, choosing to specialize in high-profile crime. In her career she became an expert on the failures and successes of crime rings. At one point in her career soon before Phantom of Venice takes place she covered the trial of the infamous Machiano Crime Syndicate (a story which Nancy can read in a EuroWelt magazine found at Piazza San Marco). Helena then traveled to Venice to research the recent outbreak of mysterious thefts. She is Nancy's roommate at Ca' Nascosta. She doesn't think much of Colin Baxter's endless slideshow of tesserae.

Nancy eventually finds out that Helena was "Il Dottore", the ringleader of the string of thefts throughout Venice. She had used the information she had learned while covering the trial of Leo Machiano for inspiration.

The members of Helena's team went by Carnivale names and only she knew who everyone was. Messages were delivered to her in codes using Sorpresa Chocolates from Antonio Fango, who left scopa cards as a code for Nico Petit, the man who would do the actual stealing. Nico would contact Gina using a code using Krolmeister chess notations, and she would leave him information about the security systems he would need to bypass. Nico would deliver the goods to Enrico Tazza, who housed them and shipped them to Hildegard Killian, an heiress in Chicago Helena was trying to impress.

Appearance Edit

Helena is a tall woman likely in her thirties. She has slightly wavy light blonde hair that reaches just above her chin, green eyes, and an oval face. She wears dark brown lipstick and pinkish-brownish eye shadow, and light brown penciled eyebrows. Helena wears little round white earrings, a watch on her right wrist, a cream-colored collared button-up shirt, long grey pants, and dark heels.

Quotes Edit

  • "You don't want to know where the cheapest cafes are? Are you sure you're American?"

Trivia Edit

  • Helena keeps a framed photo of herself on her dresser.
  • Helena was thinking of dressing up as a cat for Carnivale.

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