Gilbert Buford

Dr. Buford as he first appeared in Crystal Skull

Dr. Gilbert Buford is a medical specialist and one of the suspects in the game Legend of the Crystal Skull.

He was voiced by Keith Dahlgren.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Dr. Gilbert Buford is the head of the Jolly Roger Krewe and one of the only friends of the late Dr. Bruno Bolet. He arrived at Dr. Bolet's house just as the man was having a heart attack, making him one of the prime suspects in the game. He's quite flirtatious towards Bess, who giggles often at the flattery.

At the beginning of the game, Nancy gets knocked out by a man dressed as a skeleton wearing a red vest. This man was Dr. Buford, wearing his Jolly Roger Krewe costume. He came to Dr. Bolet's house at least twice wearing this costume and was seen at least once by Dr. Bolet's housekeeper, who thought he was "Mr. Death".


Dr. Gilbert Buford is a friendly gentleman, but can be quite secretive sometimes, especially when the subject of the Jolly Roger Krewe comes up. He is a charming older man who enjoys complimenting Bess. Bess becomes so flattered at the comments that she mentions that she hopes he had nothing to do with Bruno Bolet's death.


Buford is an African-American Cajun with a thick accent. He has white hair and a slightly gray mustache. He is approximately eighty years old.


  • "I'm sure someone as charming and attractive as yourself has her share of secrets..."


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