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Frank Hardy





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Secret of the Scarlet Hand

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Fenton Hardy (father)
Mrs. Hardy (mother)
Joe Hardy (brother

Frank is the older of the two Hardy boys who, along with his brother Joe, first appeared in a Nancy Drew game in Secret of the Scarlet Hand as a "call-able" friend. He and his brother have had two in-game appearance in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and Creature of Kapu Cave. He was played by Wayne Rawley in Last Train and Jonah von Spreecken in Creature of Kapu Cave.

Fictional Biography
Hardy Boys - Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

Frank first appeared as one of Nancy's friends in Secret of the Scarlet Hand. He and his brother simply gave Nancy hints and clues. They did this together again in other games. They made there first in-game appearance in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, where he and Joe had been hired by Lori Girard to search for clues on the train as to what happened to Jake Hurley. He and his brother appeared again in Creature of Kapu Cave, where he was working with Joe for American Teens Against Crime (ATAC) to investigate the Mapu family on the Hawaii islands. After his brother was knocked out midway through the game, he took over for him as the playable character. This was not only the first time players played as the Hardys, but it was the first time they played as anyone besides Nancy.


Frank tends to be more cautious than his brother and never takes things at face value. He is unamused at his brother's imaturity and antics.

Frank Hardy Kapu

Frank as he appeared in Creature of Kapu Cave


Frank is approximately eighteen years of age and has black/dark brown hair (it switched between their first and second game appearances). He prefers more neat hairstyles over his brother's messy look.


  • Frank and Joe are often paired with Nancy not only because of their similarities and their shared publishers, but they were actually written by the same person. Some fans may argue this, but Franklin W. Dixon and Caroline Keen were actually the same man, working under a pen name.
  • There is a subtle hint to Frank having romantic feelings toward Nancy in Captive Curse, when he talks to Nancy over the phone after she and Ned "patch things up". Frank seems hesitant and his voice breaks in a way that seems to imply he feels romantically towards Nancy. It is also hinted at, after the completion of The Deadly Device, when Joe warns Nancy about the culprit, Frank takes the phone and asks Nancy to be careful, and ""I just want to tell you that I've always-", being cut off by the end of the message.
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