Eustacia Andropov is a character from the Nancy Drew Computer Games series who had appeared in 3 games. She appeared as a phone friend in The Final Scene, She made a brief cameo on the phone in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and she was mentioned in Curse of Blackmoor Manor.

Appearance PlotsEdit

The Final SceneEdit

She first appeared in The Final Scene as a phone friend when Nancy asks her about the Royal Palladium theater and Harry Houdini.

Ghost Dogs of Moon LakeEdit

She secondly appeared in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake making a brief cameo over the phone where she is staying at her friend's house whom Nancy calls. Andropov's friend is Vivian Whitmore, a woman who dated a gangster in the 20's whom Nancy asks about.

Curse of Blackmoor ManorEdit

She recently appeared in Curse of Blackmoor Manor when she was mentioned by Jane Penvellyn about Eustacia marrying a Penvellyn named Obadiah. Jane said she is really freaky.


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