Emily Griffen was the antagonist in the 7th Nancy Drew game, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.

Before the main events of the game, Emily opened a store on the west side of the lake and said she acquired some antiques from the 1920's from the shoreline. The park ranger Jeff Akers, however, believes she illegally obtained them from the lake bed.

Emily then heard rumors that Malone buried gold somewhere on his property and somehow acquired a key that would lead her to the gold.

In order to search for the gold, she needed the Malone cabin and the surrounding property be free of any occupants. She heard of Malone's Rottweilers and decided to adopt four Rottweilers so she can play out the "ghost dogs" haunting. She trained the dogs to act vicious on command, but they are really sweet. She also set up a speaker on the roof of the house so people would hear the dogs "howling in the distance". She went as far as poisoning the well water with arsenic.

Emily was not able to locate the gold before Sally McDonald bought the property and moving in. She kept her friendly pose so Sally could trust her, but she really wanted Sally to leave. She was successful in scaring Sally away from the cabin, but Sally had called Nancy Drew for help. As Nancy drove up to the house, a tree fell down behind her car, blocking her in.

When Nancy meets Emily, the store owner put on a friendly personality and explained the ghost dogs haunting. She does provide some needed advice for Nancy, but she kept a close eye on her.

Nancy was able to locate the gold that was hidden in the old well, but then Emily arrived, armed with a dog bone. If Nancy does not shut the door to the room with the gold, Emily will beat Nancy to death. If Nancy shuts the door and escapes through the grate, she traps Emily in the room and calls the police.

The ending reveals that Emily refused to leave the room that had the gold. Nancy heard one of the deputies that if he had to choose between "getting a mother bear away from her cub and Emily away from the gold, he pick the bear."

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