Dexter Egan 1

Dexter Egan as he appeared in Royal Tower.

Dexter Egan is the caretaker of Wickford Castle and one of the suspects in Treasure in the Royal Tower. His voice was played by Thomas Stewart.

Fictional BiographyEdit

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Dexter Egan seems hard at some times, but really is just protective of the last memory he has of his father. He seems to have a hard time under pressure and would prefer if you didn't bring up the past.


Dexter Egan is approx. fifty-five to sixty-five years of age. He is light skinned and has balding, white hair. He has rather hard features.


  • "It's called the past for a reason, okay?!" - Someone's a mister grumpy-pants.
  • "You're a trooper." - How many times did he tell you this?


  • He seems to insult Professor Hotchkiss quite openly and frequently. Not a very good business man.
  • Not as adventurous as Nancy Drew. She found the tower, while he did not.
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