Deirdre Shannon is a rival and former classmate of Nancy Drew's. She is voiced by Meaghan Halverson. So far, she has appeared in two games: Alibi in Ashes as a suspect and The Deadly Device as a phone character.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Deirdre is about the same age as Nancy (18-19 years old). She is the daughter of rich parents who tend to compare her to Nancy Drew. She has a crush on Nancy's boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, and often calls him nicknames such as "Nedgar" and "Nedstopher".

In Alibi in Ashes, Deirdre is competing in the Clues Challenge with her not-exactly friends Jessica and Holly. Jealous that Nancy's team seems to be so far ahead, she follows Nancy to the old Town Hall, which burns down soon after. Among the few people at the scene of the crime, Deirdre is an arson suspect. She spends most of her time outside Scoop drinking shakes, writing in her notebook, and glaring at Bess. She thinks Alexei Markovic is a weird old man with old man smell and hates that Brenda Carlton is always so chipper.

In The Deadly Device, Deirdre appears as a phone character. Though she doesn't like helping Nancy, she does so anyway in order to earn a better grade in her Criminology class. She actually was the one responsible for getting Nancy the case, as she was the one who told the man who hired Nancy, Victor Lossett, about her abilities as a detective. She was surprised Nancy was hired, however, because the things she said weren't very nice. During the credits, players can hear the conversation Deirdre had with Lossett.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Deirdre is haughty, competitive, arrogant, and often bored. She is jealous of Nancy being so "perfect" and is sick of always coming in second. She doesn't seem to have many friends, claiming that Jessica and Holly are "kind of dumb" and saying they're still in their ninety-day trial period. In fact, the only person she seems to be nice to is Ned Nickerson, her crush. However, she has a soft and sweet side to her as well.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Deirdre has hair so dark it's black, pale skin, and green eyes. In Alibi in Ashes, she wears a rose-colored headband complete with rose, small gold hoop earrings, a pale green tank top under a darker green shawl-type jacket, a simple gold bracelet on her left wrist, a dark skirt above the knee, and black sandals.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Forge the note? Is forgery even a thing people do anymore?"

"Some of us find better ways to spend our time than playing detective."

"Hey, you know, you should volunteer at one of those neurological study places, because you have been knocked out a lot, my friend."

"I am not a sociopath. I just have appreciation for closure."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She may have stayed at the Ryokan Hiei. On the Ryokan's lobby computer, it says a Shannon stayed in room #26.
  • Deirdre drives a red 2008 KRL Whistler.
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