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Carson's silhouette on Nancy's cell phone in Alibi in Ashes

Carson Campbell Drew is Nancy Drew's father. Little is known about him other than that - like his book counterpart - he is a lawyer. He has made guest appearances in Secret of the Old Clock and Alibi in Ashes. Nancy could call him over the phone and get hints and tips from him.


Carson drew is a very serious business man who believes in following one's gut to find the truth. He seems very proud of Nancy's desire to be like him, but at the same time he is afraid that it might get her into trouble.


Carson Drew has yet to have an in-game appearance.


And I'm lucky to have a daughter who only rarely goes to jail.


  • Carson Drew has a safe. Lots of people have safes in the '30's.
  • He is very cautious about taking care of vehicles, as any money savvy father should be.
  • He and Nancy apparently have their own telephone line, a privilege not shared by some other people.
  • He is a widower.
  • He knows lots of people in River Heights.
  • He is working on formally pardoning Alexei Markovic on all things he was claimed of doing wrong.
  • His wife died of a long illness. (Later Retconned to a car crash while discovering a dangerous crime in Scotland)
  • Hannah, the house keeper, mentions in her emails (Haunted Carousel), that Carson Drew is not very handy and can leave quite a mess.