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Dr. Bruno Bolet is a deceased character in the game Legend of the Crystal Skull. He was the owner of the Crystal Skull named the The Whisperer.

Fictional Biography[]

Bruno Bolet was the former owner of the Bolet Mansion in New Orleans. In his earlier years, he was a dentist and he did write a book on teeth. Bruno died of a heart attack. His housekeeper Renee and his good friend Dr. Gilbert found him in the foyer. Dr. Gilbert said Bruno had an envelope in his hand, but the letter was taken by Bruno's pet lizard Iggy. When Nancy receives the letter from Iggy, it said that Bruno's crystal skull was a fake, which suggests that Bruno went into shock and died as a result. However, the person who inspected the skull said it was actually real. Bruno Bolet also took care of a cemetery next door to his mansion. Bruno also wore a different glass eye everyday.


Not much is known about the personality of Bruno Bolet, but according to Henry Bolet he said that Bruno used to ship him off to boarding schools, summer camps, etc. He was known to be very eccentric according to friends such as; Dr. Gilbert Buford, Renee Amande, and Professor Hotchkiss. He also wanted the Crystal Skull to be Henry's. Henry said that Bruno had a habit of keeping exotic pets like Iggy the lizard and Bernie the alligator and let them run loose as he didn't believe in cages.


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In Nancy Drew: White Wolf of Icicle Creek, if you call 1- 555 MYSTICO, Mystico the Magician says he sees a dark figure named Bruno in Nancy's future.