The Black Cat


A Black Cat note written to a former student.


A Black Cat directed at Nancy.

The Black Cat is one of the girls running for validictorian in The Waverly Academy school for girls, who has been writing thretening letters to some of the other girls running. Could it be: Izzy Romero, Rachel Hubbard?, Mel Corbalis?, Leela Yadav?, or Corine Meyers? find out when you play Warnings at Waverly Academy.

The ThreatsEdit

The threats say things like: "Go back to France!", "Times up!", and "The Black cat is watching.". The note has a single black cat paw, and scratch marks above it, or under it. The first note is a warning; the second note has a nasty message on it, and informs the student that something bad will happen to them.

The Black Cat PoemEdit

"The Black Cat" is a famous poem written by Edger Allen Poe. In the game, a book titled "The Black Cat and other Poe stories" is stolen from the Library. It can be found later in the game by asking students if they know what happened to it.

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