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Abby Sideris is a character in Message in a Haunted Mansion. She says she is capable of telepathy, psyokinesis and other psychic powers.

About This Character Edit

*SPOILERS AHEAD* Abby is a skeptical, and rather rude woman who says she is capable of contacting spirits. She gets very annoyed if Nancy says she dosn't believe in ghosts or telepathy. Even though Abby says she is capable of real psychic telepathy, she actually just fakes it! She's a master scam artist. After Abby's "seance" in the mansion basement, Nancy discovers a hidden tape under the table. The voices that Abby said were from the "Great Behond" were actually all a tape. The eerie, ghosly moans and sobbing heard in the hall were coming from speakers, and the ghost girl in the mirror was all an illusion created by Abby in her room.


Trivia Edit

  • Richard Topham from Secret of the Old Clock is very similar to Abby. Both claim they can use telepathy, and both have similar personalities as well.
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